Sabai Sabai!

Have you been to Germantown, MD? Well, when you stop by for a visit, be sure to dine at Sabai Sabai Thai. I think it’s the first Thai restaurant to open in that area and worth the trip.

Calamari– my fave appetizer at almost any restaurant. SS does it to perfection. It’s not overly battered and it’s fried to the right kind of crisp.

This was a spicy chicken noodle mix I got and I think it was too spicy for me. :/ It was okay, but I think next time I’ll stick to what I usually like… Pad Thai and Green Curry.

This was another spicy dish… similar to red curry but with duck I think. This was definitely a lot better than my dish, but I wasn’t a big fan of the duck.

I do like this restaurant, but I don’t think we picked the best dishes according to my taste. I recommend being selective and sticking to what you like 🙂


Thai Royal Street Restaurant

Small restaurant in Alexandria, VA– Thailand Royal St. Restaurant. It’s right by the water, great place to stop by before or after a romantic stroll! 🙂

This looks like the sun dried beef and spicy papaya salad. To be honest, all these posts are from the past late summer to late fall, so my memory is not up to par. My apologies. From what I do remember, this was good but a bit salty, and definitely spicy. The salad was pretty good though.

Your typical green curry with chicken, but very spicy. I can’t say that this was awful, but I also don’t remember loving it. :/

So, overall? I think it was an okay restaurant, not in love with it, but it’s not like I go to Alexandria a lot anyway. I would probably go back for other items on the menu. They received a 4 out of 5 stars on Yelp. I assume the locals really like this place.

Great! After this one, 4 days and 15 more posts to go!~ whew

Last Taste of Summer

Dog Days… er, beached whale day?

Food @ Rehobeth Beach in Delaware

This is long overdue, or maybe it’s a good time to break out a memory from summer. I’m uber stressed and it’s a month into classes. I’m only taking 2 real classes, and the other 3 credits are for my portfolio which I have no idea! Le Sigh. I can’t wait until May 2010, that is… if I finish my Portfolio on time and get my butt to graduate!! o_O

So, cheer to procrastination as I post to this blog.

I think this place was called Back Porch Cafe or something. Not much on the outside, but super cute, beach classy, and clean. I think we were the only minority and youngest group there… nonetheless, good experience! Service good, food good, I would go back.

My Turkey Chili. This was delicious… it was a lot prettier than I expected it to be, and fancy with the cilantro, diced red onion, and sour cream dolloped on top of the white beans and turkey.

Narae’s dish: I think this was turkey as well… and it was listed as a burger, but as you can see there are no buns! Narae enjoyed this very much especially with the guacamole. I think it’s also a healthier version of a burger. MM.

Den’s dish: Not the most authentic Thai, but hey, we’re at Rehobeth! I don’t think the noodles were up to par, and the sauce was a bit sweet, but the asparagus and fried scallops seemed satisfy Den’s taste buds. 🙂

CRAZY FLAVORS such as booger, rocky peppermint road, playdough, and there was bacon flavor somewhere. lol. mmmm… yummy… o_O?

As you can see, I played it safe with this ginormous mango strawberry custard. So delicious, especially on a humid cloudy summer day at the beach. YUM!

Oh! Side note, I’m attending this Social Media Breakfast on better blogging with 6 guest speakers. Should be interesting… maybe my blog will improve after tomorrow! 🙂

Is it REAL Thai?

Yes. Yes, it is definitely real Thai…

Pam Real Thai Food in Hells Kitchen

I got this because I wasn’t in the mood for REAL spicy Thai. This was still a little spicy and I loved it. From the rice noodles to boiled egg to cilantro, this was a great concoction of soup. I’m looking forward to going back to Hells Kitchen. There were so many restaurants! My friend told me that the burger joint at the next block was pretty popular as well… something table spoons or 4 spoons, I’m not sure. I’ll have to ask again!

The Republic

THAI! First restaurant to hit up in Union Square thanks to Deb. Good ambiance, good food, good company.

The three of us got seating at the bar. It’s just like NYC, fast-paced and good. I got the Pad Thai (noodles are easier to chew) and the girls got some beef/pork skewer noodles. My Pad Thai was around $12 and it was enough to feed 2. I took the left overs home. Ah! Also, I got a Singha beer to go with my Thai noodles. YUM!

Restaurant: Republic: Think Noodles

Location: 37 Union Square West

I would definitely go back to try their other dishes. Check it out next time you’re in Union Square, NYC.

Lookin Like a THAIPHOON

I don’t like the Thaiphoon in Dupont Circle, but this one in Pentagon City (just behind the mall) was pretty good. Also, it was a little windy outside, but we made the waiter move us outside. I felt a little bad because we already ordered drinks inside. 😛 I tipped him well though! Also, we met this nice older woman and her younger companion traveling from the south or midwest, they were very sweet.

Bon Appetit!


Rice on 14th NW

I’ve been passing by this place for almost a year now and always told myself I would try it. FINALLY, thanks to Yelp, I remembered it enough to suggest it. The interior was pleasant, simple, clean. The staff was nice, friendly, attentive. The food was healthy, fresh, satisfying. I think they need to work on the dishes and presentation a little more. Disclaimer, I forgot my digi, but luckily Shek’s iPhone was to the rescue. Enjoy!



The Chicken dish was a bit spicy, but good. The Duck dish was really good, but salty. I absolutely LOVED the sticky rice. They were extra sticky and sweet. I wonder if they added food coloring…. hm?