A Birthday Lunch at FF

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!* Oh and how happy it was. Happy I shared it with MLK Jr. and happy I spent the entire birthday weekend (beginning on Thursday!) with my MAN, the big honcho… my main squeeze. As you will see from my post, I think HE enjoyed my birthday a little more than MOI! And it is all thanks to the wonderfulness that is FOUNDING FARMERS.

Enjoying the flying ducks and cotton-like clouds up there?? 🙂

FANTASTIC concoctions for lunch. Of course it’s not too early for cocktails! On the left is the Constitution and on the right is the Farmers Smash. I got a gin mixed with blueberries, tea, ginger, and lemon, while Shek opted for the Founding Farmers Rye, muddled lemon, orange ginger syrup, and bitters. I really loved mine because it had a tasty kick whereas his was a little too strong for me.

Left: Drinks ———— Right: Mr. Handsome

Left: Lovely milk bottle for H2O ———- Right: Amazing app, Pitchfork

We got the combo Pitchfork, which was a combo of tater tots and glazed bacon. Both were amazing and wonderful and delicious. LOVED IT! Another customer accidentally bumped into our table and knocked a tater down, but fear not, our gracious hostess brought out another fresh one. So courteous, thank you Founding Farmers. 🙂

Credits for the above photo and the one of the cocktails goes to my sweetie. He loves his camera. For our main dishes, he ordered the Slow Braised Short Ribs. MELTS OFF THE BONE. yes. delicious. mouth wateringly delicious… comes with mashed potatoes and glazed carrots. For the ribs, the sauce was so perfect, they put the appropriate amount and it was wonderful.

I had the pleasure of dining on one of the best fried chicken dishes OF MY LIFE. I ordered the Northern Fried Chicken,  which comes with potato latkes, apple sauce, sour cream and chives, and pickled beets. They also include a tin of a garlic oil sauce to dip the chicken. The Northern Fried chicken is crispier than southern style, but just as juicy. The chicken was perfectly moist and I loved the crispy outside. I’m dying to know how they made it! What kind of magical cast iron skillet do they have in their kitchens?!??

Of course, no visit is complete without the pressed coffee, and bread pudding with vanilla cream. mm. mm. good.

AND, they leave your check in a cute old fashioned tin mail box. A D O R A B L E. I am so enamored with Founding Farmers. Fondly infatuated ❤

*Yes, my birthday was over a week ago and this post is unfortunately late AND I’ve already broken my NYE resolution (to blog every Sunday). I’ll keep up from now on, and really work on scheduling my posts better! Again, wonderful birthday weekend… oh yeah, another birthday post about a tea party, coming at you soon 😉


Bzzzz Busy Bee

Another one in North Carolina, this time in downtown Raleigh. Busy Bee Cafe… bzzzzzz

Great, clean, nice place to dine. We sat upstairs. I really like exposed brick in restaurants, it’s homier I think.

I forget the name of the burger (boy, I sure do a lot of posts on burgers), but this one’s got beef patty, pepper jack cheese, and fried green tomato. Can’t say that I was in love with it, but I did love the taters. And the picture I definitely regret missing was the SMOTHERED TOTS!! Omg, have you ever had those? They’re divine… with sour cream, green onion, bacon, and cheese, aka SMOTHERED. AH HA! It was called the Tom and Jack burger. Why? I have no idea.

Isn’t this cafe super cute? I definitely will go back if I’m in downtown Raleigh again. There’s a great museum nearby, the North Carolina Museum of Art. I really feel like Raleigh is changing for the better, and people have definitely taken notice. North Carolina is attracting a lot more people than in previous years. Hooray! 🙂

Also, there was some sort of motorcycle convention going on, and I grabbed a chocolate dipped cone– not as great as I expected it to be. Sad.