Matchbox (DC & Rockville)

This post is extremely late. Oh well.

Among chains in this area, I do believe Matchbox is one of the better ones, especially for pizza. They should watch out though, because Pi pizzeria has moved in and their pizza is pretty damn good.

Below are drinks Shek and I had while waiting for our pizzas in the Rockville location. Do not get cocktails because they are overpriced for the combination of alcohol splash and juice/water Matchbox gives you. Definitely stick to the beer!

We got a bacon cheeseburger with onion rings and the fixings. I love how they add herbs and parmesan to their ginormous onion rings. Very good. On the right is a Spicy Meatball Pizza… soooooooo yummy– one of my fave pizzas there.

On the next outing, Rockville again, we met up with friends and ordered the crab avocado appetizer. I first tried this app in DC at the Chinatown location. The picture above is much different from the first one I tried. In Chinatown they presented it as a salad with crab cakes and avocado sitting on a bed of greens. This was good, just a little more fancy. The pizzas were a combination of prosciutto, arugula, herbs, cheese…. pretty good, but meatball is still my favorite. And for dessert? A type of banana chocolate bread pudding, REALLY SWEET. Not sure if I would order it again.

So yes, Matchbox is a good chain, with expensive and weak cocktails, but good wood fired pizzas. 🙂


THE Silver Diner

This is for all the Maryland diner lovers– have you been to the new and improved Silver Diner yet? Well, I have! I’ve been to the one in Rockville at least. QUITE OFTEN. They buy fresh and local now, and it is such an improvement from their early years. I used to hate the Silver Diner in Towson, while growing up. I absolutely love their new philosophy, and we (my bf & me) LOVE LOVE dining there, or getting carry out. We’re such fatties… because we’re always getting their burgers and shakes. 🙂

Philly Cheesesteak with fries and slaw. GREAT CHOICE! I definitely recommend it, even for Philly natives 😉 On the right are banana chocolate shakes. SO GOOD, a lot of people’s favorites.

BLT– not that great. It was a bit salty and skimpy, I was disappointed, but maybe it’s because I wanted Shek’s cheesesteak….. and then on the right more shakes from another visit, hehehehe. I think I had gotten a strawberry this time.

Top Hat burger with fries (bacon, lettuce, tomato, the works) and on the right a Reuben with fries and slaw. Another great one, actually both were great, burger and sandwich. Their slaw is pretty awesome, not drenched in mayo like most places.

And apps with a friend… onion rings with sauces and smothered chili fries. How can you really go wrong with these? Yeah. Good. MM. Yum. 😀

Noodles II

Oh Michael~

Michael’s Noodles

Tofu Hunan Style: Excellent for a temporary Herbivore 🙂 Tofu tossed in a spicy sauce with green onions and noodles. I admit I had my doubts at first, but ate up every bite. Yeah, so tofu does not have a lot of taste, but toss it with noodles and spicy sauce and veggies, and you have lots of flavor.

Veggie Dumplings: These were okay. The skin isn’t as thick as the ones at Chinatown Express. I enjoyed pairing them with the sauce, and how the presentation sticks to the traditional dim sum platter. Again, not the most memorable but good.

Spicy Beef Noodle Soup: My friend went for this dish and I think she really enjoyed it. I had recommended it and of course, Yelpers were naming this as one of their best dishes.

Crispy Eggplant: I have to say I was skeptical of this dish as well, but that’s how I feel about most dishes that aren’t popular picks. This was actually good, but SO fried. The batter is pretty thick and will fill you up quickly. They don’t skimp on the eggplant, so this dish is a big one. It’s nice to take yummy leftovers home though 🙂

This was only my second visit. Although I do not appreciate the obscure and somewhat lonely shopping plaza it’s set in (with the Burger King as a marker for entrance to the plaza), I do appreciate this little Taiwanese restaurant and their good food. Third visit post coming soon!