It’s been a while…

So, it’s been over 2 years since my last post.

A food blog is supposed to be about food. Although, I may sneak in a few things about art here and there. Mi dispiace.

Let’s catch up!

2012: I enjoyed really good beer at the Flying Dog Brewery in Frederick, MD (great tours, book in advance, complimentary tasting glass, and yummy sandwich place 5 blocks away); ate some green eggs and ham (JUST KIDDING); tasted juicy burgers and great iced tea in cute mason jars in NC; discovered I can make some CRAZY good guac; got my braces removed and paid FDB another visit; had EXCELLENT AUTHENTIC DELICIOUS Korean food in Seoul and Jejudo; and so much more.

2012 food

2013: I finally made it to Birch & Barley, and soon after discovered that Churchkey would be my go-to bar; scarfed down the best HOMEMADE poptarts EVER at Ted’s Bulletin alongside ADULT milkshakes; tried gin and homemade tonic at New Heights; discovered baby mason jars; indulged in a limitless tapas brunch at Cuba Libre with my bff; quickly learned that donuts and fried chicken were meant to be made in the same place and devoured at the same time; HAD THE BEST FRESH OYSTERS EVER IN OBX; roasted 2 whole chickens Ina Garten style; among many other highlights.

2013 food

And so far this year? I have some Korean food planned for tonight. There’s cucumber kimchi marinating in the fridge along with chopped zucchini, potatoes and carrots for jjigae and pajun. Mmm, I’ll have to make some rice. So glad it’s a snow day. 🙂


The Black Hog

A BBQ kind of night…

The Black Hog

Why the name? The following is from their About Us page:

One of the rarest of the heritage breeds of hogs, the Black Hog is listed by the American Livestock Breeds Conservatory as endangered with fewer than 300 breeding hogs registered today.

Compared to other breeds, the flavors of the Black Hog’s meat is exceptional. The lean micro-marbled meat is extra tender due to the breed’s short muscle fibers. This produces a tender, moist cut of pork with an exquisite and unique taste.

We thought it only fitting to choose this name to represent the fine quality of food and service that we offer at the restaurant.

Loving the neon sign!

THE sauces… flanked by Flying Dog beers, native to Frederick. You’ve got the Original, the Kansas City Style, and the Carolina Red. I prefer the Carolina Red as it has that vinegar flavor. Kansas City is sweet, and the Original is half and half.

I think this is the Full Slab of Ribs Platter with 2 sides of Cole Slaw and Potato Salad, and a Corn Bread. Yeah, this is way too much for a half slab. Quite excellent as the ribs were not drenched in sauce, and really cooked to perfection.

I bet this is making you drool if you are a meat lover… even if you’re not, does it make you want to convert?

Good ol’ fresh cut fries.

I opted for the BBQ Meal Platter of a Two Meat Dinner. I got the Smoked Beef Brisket and Carolina Pork BBQ. Yummy! It also came with two sides– Mac & Cheese and Southern Style Greens, and of course, Corn Bread. I loved everything, ESPECIALLY the brisket. The greens were collard greens and the mac & cheese were truly cheesy in the delicious way.

Doesn’t he look really happy?

Proof of how much I loved everything!

Excuse the blurriness! Their happy hour specials, which we completely missed.

At our FAVORITE ice cream shop. We got the double scoop sundae complete with whipped cream, chocolate drizzle and a cherry on top! The two scoops were cappuccino crunch and uh oh, can’t remember the other one.

How great is this? Firemen outside in downtown Frederick on a chilly winter’s night hosting marshmallow toastings! Frederick is super duper cute.

Cheers and here’s hoping you had a romantic Valentine’s Day. ❤