Michaels Noodles AGAIN!

Michaels Noodles in Rockville

Veggie Bean Curd Tofu Soup. Excellent on a cold day and it was recommended.

Crispy Eggplant. again. Yes, he wanted more crispy eggplant, so we got it.

Salty Fried Squid. EXCELLENT! I really enjoyed it and yes it was salty but it had a kick to it. And as you can see, to soak up some of the oil, the fried squid sits on top of shredded lettuce, green onions and chili peppers.

And then we went to Krispy Kreme, muahahahaha. I swear, all we do is eat… and eat some more. 😛

Don’t they look glorious? Still, beyond all the fancy donuts, the ORIGINAL will always be my favorite… that and the creme filled donut. Nothing else.

Can’t eat your donuts without some good reduced fat milk! 😀


Noodles II

Oh Michael~

Michael’s Noodles

Tofu Hunan Style: Excellent for a temporary Herbivore 🙂 Tofu tossed in a spicy sauce with green onions and noodles. I admit I had my doubts at first, but ate up every bite. Yeah, so tofu does not have a lot of taste, but toss it with noodles and spicy sauce and veggies, and you have lots of flavor.

Veggie Dumplings: These were okay. The skin isn’t as thick as the ones at Chinatown Express. I enjoyed pairing them with the sauce, and how the presentation sticks to the traditional dim sum platter. Again, not the most memorable but good.

Spicy Beef Noodle Soup: My friend went for this dish and I think she really enjoyed it. I had recommended it and of course, Yelpers were naming this as one of their best dishes.

Crispy Eggplant: I have to say I was skeptical of this dish as well, but that’s how I feel about most dishes that aren’t popular picks. This was actually good, but SO fried. The batter is pretty thick and will fill you up quickly. They don’t skimp on the eggplant, so this dish is a big one. It’s nice to take yummy leftovers home though 🙂

This was only my second visit. Although I do not appreciate the obscure and somewhat lonely shopping plaza it’s set in (with the Burger King as a marker for entrance to the plaza), I do appreciate this little Taiwanese restaurant and their good food. Third visit post coming soon!