Holiday Chinese

like a Chinese buffet but BETTER

Mao & Den’s Home

Long overdue is this post. I dedicate it to Mao and Denise and their gracious parents who provided all this wonderful food from their restaurant. Thanks again for hosting 2010 holiday party. Few words, plenty of drool worthy pictures.

pigs in a blanket, spanakopita, eggplant, spicy cashew chicken, fried rice (the real kind), veggies, tofu, general tso’s, curry noodles, assorted sushi, stuffed crab and cheese dumplings, sugar cookies and ghirardelli brownies.



Frederick Fireworks

some good ol’ homecookin.

the meat on shek’s standing george foreman grill.

diced tomatoes, cucumbers, avocado, cilantro, and lime.

a nice avocado salad with some canned corn, salt, and pepper.

Enough for 4 😀 so glad Nita and Sus could make it out to Frederick.

Chocolate chip cookies I baked from scratch. & the day before we got delicious ice cream from the local store in historic frederick just before fireworks.

i miss cooking at home, trying out recipes and making up my own.

Avocado+Limes= Poundcake

Munchies @ Casa Liz

My love, E*, finally dropped in for a visit. Instead of a healthy dinner, we opted for some yummy munchies from Whole Foods and homemade pound cake. We got the recipe from Edelweiss.

Have you ever seen poundcake so green? Yummy. So, I’ve tasted this type of poundcake before, but I really wanted to see the process for myself. AND I wanted an excuse to use my mini loaf ceramics (from Target, Christmas). It turned out pretty good! Well, because I did not have a zester, the lime zest was a bit chunky and chewy. Other than that, I think it was quite a success. Still, Esther and I concluded that sour cream or buttermilk would have made it softer and moist.

Hm, instead of a real dinner we munched on pita chips, salsa, naan, hummus, chicken tikka masala, salsa verde and washed it all down with Pinot Gris. Yeah, then commenced to gorge on the Cardamon+Cocoa Nib cookies she made. Man, it was like tapas on overload… but kinda sorta healthy junk?


Study Eat Study Drink

Study Session on Capitol Hill/Eastern Market ‘hood

I know, I know! In the last entry I said it would be a while before another post, but this was truly unexpected. I thought I was going to a pretty straightforward study session with the girls, and it ended up being the most spoiled study session ever!

After pulling all 4 wisdom teeth on Friday, I have to say that I am recovering very well. There’s absolutely no sign of swelling except for a slight discomfort in my mouth, and some tension. I’ve been very careful eating only soft foods or liquid. But going into Abby’s posh apartment lounge treated with homemade guacamole alla her beau, Andy, and some stuffed peppers, I could not resist eating some real food.

I slowly chewed 4 chips in the span of 20 minutes while making sure nothing slipped into the holes in my mouth. The guacamole was delicious! And I loved all their serving dishes. Very cute, right down to the Elvis Wine Tags. Kristin provided the soothing red. Considering I was on presnidone (for inflammation), I was limited to one glass.

Then came these glorious stuffed peppers that were actually perfect for my sensitive gums. They were so soft, but not mushy. Great recipe! I will have to borrow it. The peppers were stuffed with ground beef, garlic, tomato sauce, brown rice, and maybe something else I am forgetting.

And you’d think that would be enough, but noooooo… can’t end the night without some sugar:

So simple, yet so delicious. These are shamrock sugar cookies, the kind you slice up and bake. I swear, I think Kristin and I split the whole plate except for maybe two for Abby. Then it turned our teeth green. Nice.

BEST REVIEW SESSION EVER! (and so glad the cultural policy midterm is over :D)