A Birthday Lunch at FF

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!* Oh and how happy it was. Happy I shared it with MLK Jr. and happy I spent the entire birthday weekend (beginning on Thursday!) with my MAN, the big honcho… my main squeeze. As you will see from my post, I think HE enjoyed my birthday a little more than MOI! And it is all thanks to the wonderfulness that is FOUNDING FARMERS.

Enjoying the flying ducks and cotton-like clouds up there?? 🙂

FANTASTIC concoctions for lunch. Of course it’s not too early for cocktails! On the left is the Constitution and on the right is the Farmers Smash. I got a gin mixed with blueberries, tea, ginger, and lemon, while Shek opted for the Founding Farmers Rye, muddled lemon, orange ginger syrup, and bitters. I really loved mine because it had a tasty kick whereas his was a little too strong for me.

Left: Drinks ———— Right: Mr. Handsome

Left: Lovely milk bottle for H2O ———- Right: Amazing app, Pitchfork

We got the combo Pitchfork, which was a combo of tater tots and glazed bacon. Both were amazing and wonderful and delicious. LOVED IT! Another customer accidentally bumped into our table and knocked a tater down, but fear not, our gracious hostess brought out another fresh one. So courteous, thank you Founding Farmers. 🙂

Credits for the above photo and the one of the cocktails goes to my sweetie. He loves his camera. For our main dishes, he ordered the Slow Braised Short Ribs. MELTS OFF THE BONE. yes. delicious. mouth wateringly delicious… comes with mashed potatoes and glazed carrots. For the ribs, the sauce was so perfect, they put the appropriate amount and it was wonderful.

I had the pleasure of dining on one of the best fried chicken dishes OF MY LIFE. I ordered the Northern Fried Chicken,  which comes with potato latkes, apple sauce, sour cream and chives, and pickled beets. They also include a tin of a garlic oil sauce to dip the chicken. The Northern Fried chicken is crispier than southern style, but just as juicy. The chicken was perfectly moist and I loved the crispy outside. I’m dying to know how they made it! What kind of magical cast iron skillet do they have in their kitchens?!??

Of course, no visit is complete without the pressed coffee, and bread pudding with vanilla cream. mm. mm. good.

AND, they leave your check in a cute old fashioned tin mail box. A D O R A B L E. I am so enamored with Founding Farmers. Fondly infatuated ❤

*Yes, my birthday was over a week ago and this post is unfortunately late AND I’ve already broken my NYE resolution (to blog every Sunday). I’ll keep up from now on, and really work on scheduling my posts better! Again, wonderful birthday weekend… oh yeah, another birthday post about a tea party, coming at you soon 😉


Coffee * Brunch * Dessert

Tynan Coffee and Tea

Left, Cappuccino, Right, Latte. The Baristo made a pretty leaf design and promised to work on more for my next visit 🙂 I’ll have to get his name!

American Tap Room

The menu lights up! Aw, but you can’t tell in the photo. So, a few of us decided to go for lunch. This is in Bethesda by the way, the other one is located in Reston, VA. They’re called American Tap Room for a reason, and when you go to a restaurant named for their tap… you gotta go for the beer.

But, this was a brunch. We all opted for either a Bloody Mary or a Mimosa. This was my first time ordering a Bloody Mary, and I loved it! For you virgins, a Bloody Mary is tomato juice with vodka, splash of Tabasco sauce and garnished with celery and olive. I sipped the Mimosa, and it was not bad.

The waitress recommended the Tap Room French Toast as an appetizer. We saw it at another table and thought it would make an ideal starter as our party was not complete yet. They dipped fat slices of brioche in custard and cooked them until golden brown. Garnished with mixed berries and brown sugar, these were truly delicious.

I opted for the “Create Your Own Omelet” with Bell Peppers, Swiss Cheese, and Olives. It came with ketchup, home fries, and wheat toast. I did not like my selection. The more I bit into the omelet, the more I wondered what kind of eggs they were using and thought it was overcooked although it was not visibly burnt. It just wasn’t appetizing, right down to the home fries. Our other friend got the Lobster Omelet and she agreed that hers was not great as well. The omelet was swimming in the cheese and lobster and kind of looked like it was all plopped in together on a dish.

Shek went for the Chesapeake Sunrise, crabcake topped with two eggs sunny side up, Old Bay Mornay Sauce, grilled asparagus, and toast. I actually liked his. The crabcake was really good, although you can’t see it through the two eggs. The asparagus provided a healthy, fresh aspect to the dish.

The other two at the table ordered burgers and enjoyed their dishes. So, my conclusion is that you should not order any omelet of any sort from this restaurant, rather, stick to the drinks and specific brunch selections like the French Toast and Crabcake.

Although the omelet did not sit well with me, I plan on returning to the American Tap Room for their happy hour specials. As they’re known for their beer and other alcoholic beverages, I’d like to pair it with bar food. 🙂


Everything looks so pretty and delicious! This nice little chocolate shop is cozily situated in Bethesda Row.

Sarah recommended the Raspberry dome and I am eternally grateful to her! This was so good! I’m not a big fan of macarons, and really think it’s a fad/trend, but I really enjoyed it on top of this white chocolate, raspberry dome. It wasn’t too sweet, and it was just the right amount of dessert. MM, can’t wait to come back for more.

My Niche in Chelsea

Cafe Champignon (7th btw 21st and 22nd)

Yelp has very few reviews on this cafe- YELP, but most of them are good. I’m debating whether or not to become a yelper so I can put my 2 cents in about all the places I eat at. I love Cafe Champignon. The service can be subpar at times, but when it’s quiet, they’re very attentive.

The first visit was by accident as I left my party to drop off leftovers from Klee (few blocks down 8th). When I returned, friends were seated outside under a construction canopy at Cafe Champignon. Their coffee was great and the coffee my friend got was even better… a latte frappe I believe, I only got the iced latte. Second visit was with my roomies for brunch and that was delicious! Best croissant ever, so moist inside and flaky on the outside. Third visit was late at night with a friend and his friend. We got some beer and one ended up getting wine, then we closed the tab. The manager or owner continued to pour us glasses of wine on the house and sent out leftover guacamole and chips for us. 🙂 It was kind of random, but really nice of them. I quite enjoyed it all.

Ah! I forgot the last time I’ve been there. It was with Min and Susan. Our little mini college reunion. We got quiche, side salad, and soups. Every visit has been quite pleasant. I will say though, this one visit I think the guy was in training and he was just so scatterbrained that I thought he was high on something…. it was the day we went for brunch. I haven’t noticed him since, but hoping he’s got it together now.

I’ll be making several more trips before I leave NYC. 🙂


Treated my artist, Sei Arimori, out to dinner @ Matchbox in Chinatown. The three of us had really good beer (i got the Chimay Belgian), incredible pizza, and good salad/appetizer. Then we went to Adams Morgan for dessert @ Tryst coffeehouse. It was a full and good night. 😀

OOPS! Almost forgot the pix from Tryst…..

A Dwarf in Chelsea

Oh dear sweet and not-so-cute Cafe Grumpy in Chelsea.

I’m feeling a little put out. I went into your coffee shop hearing about the wonderful coffee you make, and knowingly ventured into your “NO WIFI” zone. I did not believe that included a laptop free zone. Nowhere on your Chelsea site does it list “laptops not allowed” and does it really say anywhere in your cafe? (To counter this, no where does it suggest one uses their laptop, but they do suggest you to meet with friends, read the paper, or puppy/people watch on their benches…. ) I don’t know because I immediately left after being told by your hippy/punky barista oh so kindly that laptops were not allowed, but it’d be okay for me to finish typing out my sentence. THANKS.

I’m not mad, I’m just thinking your shop is not as cute as I had assumed. Sure, this iced latte I ordered was delicious. Sure, the barista who took my order was nice and kind enough to suggest it while I was obviously holding my laptop in it’s INCASE case but….

  1. You could’ve told me before I ordered my coffee that you do not allow laptops.
  2. I understand you pride yourselves on a beautiful selection of coffee and personal connections over the handmade low counter, but it’d be nice if I could do some work (no internet needed).
  3. Yeah, this rule is probably to make it more about the art of coffee than anything else, but gosh darn, it’s right across from my apartment and I thought it’d be a perfect spot.

Sigh, guess not. Needless to say, I don’t think I’ll be visiting…. ever. BUT, if you really enjoy coffee and enjoy carrying deep and thoughtful conversations or discussing sewing methods(as one table was doing), then go for it . This coffee shop is for you.

My iced latte really is delicious, no sarcasm.

With <3,