Wine & Cheese Reunion

It was long overdue…

Wine & Cheese w/LaNDMAsS

With only two ladies missing from our group (because of distance), we held our wine & cheese reunion at my new casa. Per usual, we ate too much, laughed too much, talked too much, BUT did not drink too much. Now THAT is unusual. A sure sign of age, I believe. How sad…

It was a happy night to be reunited with my UMCP ladies. Yeay Terps! It almost felt like Tipsy Turtle Night…. you had to be there. Enjoy the pix as I won’t bore you with any more words… just your typical fruit, crackers, dip, cheese, meats, pasta (alla Liz), white wine, red wine, juice, and of course, dessert (ice cream-not pictured).



Pre-Mother’s Day Brunch @ POSTE

This is right down the street from the American Art and Portrait Galleries in Chinatown. I guess it’s on the border of Penn Quarter and part of Hotel Monaco. Once you step past the gates, it’s like you’re in a totally separate and quiet getaway from the city. It was very nice.

i think their donuts were the highlight because they’re house made, fresh, and delicious…. and oops, they came out twice. 😉


amysING pizza in Tenleytown, DC

So, I honestly do not remember the name of this small plate. It’s either goat cheese or sheep cheese; either way it is with honey and pinenuts. I actually thought it was pretty good. Spread it on some bread and you’re good to go. It was a little bit savory, and a nice touch of sweetness. I think it makes a simple appetizer, not heavy at all (well, depending on the bread I suppose).

We shared the Calabrese Pizza (Tomato, onions, anchovy, fresh mozzarella, parsley, olives) with white wine from the Frascati region of Italy. Both were very good. This is my second visit at 2amys and I think this pizza was better than whatever I got last time. It wasn’t too salty. I’ve gotten anchovy pizza at Pizzeria Paradiso and it was too much. 2amys was definitely better.

I got the Frascati wine because it made me reminisce over my time in Italy. I miss it.

Anyway, good pizza, wine, cheese at 2amys. 4 out 5. (if you haven’t caught on yet, my ratings don’t matter much as i pretty much appreciate all the restaurants i go to, or my taste in restaurants is just that good. eh, but also, just because you go to a typically good restaurant, doesn’t mean everything on their menu is that great.)