It’s been a while…

So, it’s been over 2 years since my last post.

A food blog is supposed to be about food. Although, I may sneak in a few things about art here and there. Mi dispiace.

Let’s catch up!

2012: I enjoyed really good beer at the Flying Dog Brewery in Frederick, MD (great tours, book in advance, complimentary tasting glass, and yummy sandwich place 5 blocks away); ate some green eggs and ham (JUST KIDDING); tasted juicy burgers and great iced tea in cute mason jars in NC; discovered I can make some CRAZY good guac; got my braces removed and paid FDB another visit; had EXCELLENT AUTHENTIC DELICIOUS Korean food in Seoul and Jejudo; and so much more.

2012 food

2013: I finally made it to Birch & Barley, and soon after discovered that Churchkey would be my go-to bar; scarfed down the best HOMEMADE poptarts EVER at Ted’s Bulletin alongside ADULT milkshakes; tried gin and homemade tonic at New Heights; discovered baby mason jars; indulged in a limitless tapas brunch at Cuba Libre with my bff; quickly learned that donuts and fried chicken were meant to be made in the same place and devoured at the same time; HAD THE BEST FRESH OYSTERS EVER IN OBX; roasted 2 whole chickens Ina Garten style; among many other highlights.

2013 food

And so far this year? I have some Korean food planned for tonight. There’s cucumber kimchi marinating in the fridge along with chopped zucchini, potatoes and carrots for jjigae and pajun. Mmm, I’ll have to make some rice. So glad it’s a snow day. 🙂


Matchbox (DC & Rockville)

This post is extremely late. Oh well.

Among chains in this area, I do believe Matchbox is one of the better ones, especially for pizza. They should watch out though, because Pi pizzeria has moved in and their pizza is pretty damn good.

Below are drinks Shek and I had while waiting for our pizzas in the Rockville location. Do not get cocktails because they are overpriced for the combination of alcohol splash and juice/water Matchbox gives you. Definitely stick to the beer!

We got a bacon cheeseburger with onion rings and the fixings. I love how they add herbs and parmesan to their ginormous onion rings. Very good. On the right is a Spicy Meatball Pizza… soooooooo yummy– one of my fave pizzas there.

On the next outing, Rockville again, we met up with friends and ordered the crab avocado appetizer. I first tried this app in DC at the Chinatown location. The picture above is much different from the first one I tried. In Chinatown they presented it as a salad with crab cakes and avocado sitting on a bed of greens. This was good, just a little more fancy. The pizzas were a combination of prosciutto, arugula, herbs, cheese…. pretty good, but meatball is still my favorite. And for dessert? A type of banana chocolate bread pudding, REALLY SWEET. Not sure if I would order it again.

So yes, Matchbox is a good chain, with expensive and weak cocktails, but good wood fired pizzas. 🙂


I think I had a friend waiting on this post for a while. It took so long for me to post!

Definitely one of the good burger joints in DC. I swear there’s been a boom in DC for burger places, cupcakeries, gelaterias, and of course froyo. Where’s the bubble tea????

Anyway, I don’t frequent BGR because their burgers are kinda expensive… like $9-20 expensive, but very very good. On this visit I went with a Groupon or LivingSocial coupon, can’t remember which. It was $4 for a $8-9 regular burger. It’s good, fresh with tomato and lettuce and onion. The meat is good and they make sure they cook it right for you. OH! They also have awesome asparagus fries or regular fries sprinkled with parmesan.

Bzzzz Busy Bee

Another one in North Carolina, this time in downtown Raleigh. Busy Bee Cafe… bzzzzzz

Great, clean, nice place to dine. We sat upstairs. I really like exposed brick in restaurants, it’s homier I think.

I forget the name of the burger (boy, I sure do a lot of posts on burgers), but this one’s got beef patty, pepper jack cheese, and fried green tomato. Can’t say that I was in love with it, but I did love the taters. And the picture I definitely regret missing was the SMOTHERED TOTS!! Omg, have you ever had those? They’re divine… with sour cream, green onion, bacon, and cheese, aka SMOTHERED. AH HA! It was called the Tom and Jack burger. Why? I have no idea.

Isn’t this cafe super cute? I definitely will go back if I’m in downtown Raleigh again. There’s a great museum nearby, the North Carolina Museum of Art. I really feel like Raleigh is changing for the better, and people have definitely taken notice. North Carolina is attracting a lot more people than in previous years. Hooray! 🙂

Also, there was some sort of motorcycle convention going on, and I grabbed a chocolate dipped cone– not as great as I expected it to be. Sad.

Shaking the SHACK

Shake Shack! (1216 18th St., NW) Finally, they made it into the nation’s capital. On the right is an indoor shot of this fine establishment. They serve wine and beer! The kitchen is open for your viewing (and nostril) pleasure.

MM, I’m craving it just by staring at this picture. Oh my. Perfectly buttered buns hugging a juicy all beef patty with fresh lettuce, tomato, and gooey cheese… topped off with their special sauce. Their fries are PERFECTION… crispy and soft. Try it with cheese and you’ll never get plain fries again (maybe). On the right is a concrete (super thick something in between a milk shake and custard) with strawberries. NOM NOM NOM. This is my favorite burger joint and I’m so happy they FINALLY opened a chain here. I tasted the original in Madison Square Park on SEVERAL occasions. Shake Shack, I love you.

Sippin’ & Tippin’ in Frederick

I’m fattening myself in Frederick and it’s not even close to Thanksgiving yet… not. good.



MM, homemade burgers. Pulled out the Foreman Grill. We mixed in garlic, onion, green onions, salt/pepper, oregano for these beef patties. Stuffed our French rolls with lettuce, cheddar, and ketchup to make a nice homemade burger. 🙂

Cafe Nola

For some good Sunday Brunch:

My Hotcakes’ French Toast with strawberries and whip cream. This was really good! I loved the perfect combination of crispy and soft. The strawberries were enough that you didn’t need syrup. I also loved that it was slice French Bread. I think it was French Bread…

My Portobello Eggs Benedict. MMMM. This was really good too, especially because of the garlic sauce they used on the mushrooms. The Portobellos had a perfect chewy consistency. The hollindaise sauce was a lot but glad it was all on the eggs off to the side. The roasted potatoes were pretty good. I just can’t get over how good the Portobellos were though! With spinach and sauce too… LOOK!

I forgot, there was cheese on top of the spinach on top of the portobello and garlic mix. It also came with a side of green salad.

Lucky Corner

We’ve been trying to go to this Vietnamese Restaurant for a little while. It’s diagonally across from Moxie’s in Frederick. It looks so cute from the outside, and turns out it’s pretty great inside too.

I feel like I ate too much fried food this day, but ordered this Viet Crepe anyway. There was a mixture of pork and shrimp with bean sprouts in this egg crepe. On the side is a vinegar sauce and a bed of fresh mint. I did not like the mint, but everything else was really good. I felt that the shrimp was fresh and everything was cooked well.

So, he ordered the LARGE pho. o_O It was a lot of Pho, but since we shared it was okay. You can order extra beef or additions, and he got additional tripe which came in a small bowl. It was like another order of Pho. LOL. I forgot to take pix of the Spring Rolls we ordered too. MM, but the Pho was definitely good. Comparable to the Pho75 in Rosslyn, VA. I can honestly tell you that I was dying of FOOD COMA after this day.

mm, Frederick is yummy.

Last Taste of Summer

Dog Days… er, beached whale day?

Food @ Rehobeth Beach in Delaware

This is long overdue, or maybe it’s a good time to break out a memory from summer. I’m uber stressed and it’s a month into classes. I’m only taking 2 real classes, and the other 3 credits are for my portfolio which I have no idea! Le Sigh. I can’t wait until May 2010, that is… if I finish my Portfolio on time and get my butt to graduate!! o_O

So, cheer to procrastination as I post to this blog.

I think this place was called Back Porch Cafe or something. Not much on the outside, but super cute, beach classy, and clean. I think we were the only minority and youngest group there… nonetheless, good experience! Service good, food good, I would go back.

My Turkey Chili. This was delicious… it was a lot prettier than I expected it to be, and fancy with the cilantro, diced red onion, and sour cream dolloped on top of the white beans and turkey.

Narae’s dish: I think this was turkey as well… and it was listed as a burger, but as you can see there are no buns! Narae enjoyed this very much especially with the guacamole. I think it’s also a healthier version of a burger. MM.

Den’s dish: Not the most authentic Thai, but hey, we’re at Rehobeth! I don’t think the noodles were up to par, and the sauce was a bit sweet, but the asparagus and fried scallops seemed satisfy Den’s taste buds. 🙂

CRAZY FLAVORS such as booger, rocky peppermint road, playdough, and there was bacon flavor somewhere. lol. mmmm… yummy… o_O?

As you can see, I played it safe with this ginormous mango strawberry custard. So delicious, especially on a humid cloudy summer day at the beach. YUM!

Oh! Side note, I’m attending this Social Media Breakfast on better blogging with 6 guest speakers. Should be interesting… maybe my blog will improve after tomorrow! 🙂