It’s been a while…

So, it’s been over 2 years since my last post.

A food blog is supposed to be about food. Although, I may sneak in a few things about art here and there. Mi dispiace.

Let’s catch up!

2012: I enjoyed really good beer at the Flying Dog Brewery in Frederick, MD (great tours, book in advance, complimentary tasting glass, and yummy sandwich place 5 blocks away); ate some green eggs and ham (JUST KIDDING); tasted juicy burgers and great iced tea in cute mason jars in NC; discovered I can make some CRAZY good guac; got my braces removed and paid FDB another visit; had EXCELLENT AUTHENTIC DELICIOUS Korean food in Seoul and Jejudo; and so much more.

2012 food

2013: I finally made it to Birch & Barley, and soon after discovered that Churchkey would be my go-to bar; scarfed down the best HOMEMADE poptarts EVER at Ted’s Bulletin alongside ADULT milkshakes; tried gin and homemade tonic at New Heights; discovered baby mason jars; indulged in a limitless tapas brunch at Cuba Libre with my bff; quickly learned that donuts and fried chicken were meant to be made in the same place and devoured at the same time; HAD THE BEST FRESH OYSTERS EVER IN OBX; roasted 2 whole chickens Ina Garten style; among many other highlights.

2013 food

And so far this year? I have some Korean food planned for tonight. There’s cucumber kimchi marinating in the fridge along with chopped zucchini, potatoes and carrots for jjigae and pajun. Mmm, I’ll have to make some rice. So glad it’s a snow day. 🙂


From City to Country

A Day in Frederick

What better way to start the day than a homemade brunch?

  • Berry Pie (heated in the oven)
  • Samosa (from Jersey, heated in the oven)
  • Homemade Green and Brown Chutnies (recipe found HERE)
  • Eggs over medium


Walked through downtown and stopped by a few bars before the Frederick Art Festival. I gotta say I was definitely impressed with the Art Fest. It was MUCH bigger than I had anticipated. I absolutely loved how the community came together and enjoyed a beautiful day with artists and their crafts and other fine forms of expression.

Dinner @ Isabella’s Taverna & Tapas Bar

Map: 44 North Market Street, Frederick, MD 21701-5471

The fried bacon dates were salty and sweet, good. Potatoes were simple and filling. Salami panini I think was supposed to be chicken, haha. Either way, I thought it was pretty good especially with the drizzled honey. The buffalo burger was very good! And I swear… they put goat cheese on everything, not that I’m complaining, just observing.

Frederick has some good food.

‘Ritas & Abitas

Margaritas @ Guapo‘s in Tenleytown

Where? 4515 Wisconsin Avenue Northwest, WASHINGTON, DC 20016

As you can see, the frozen margaritas were very good. Besides the chip and salsa, this is the first time I’ve tried real food at Guapo’s. Pretty damn good. The chicken quesadillas were chunky and hot and very tasty.

Beers @ RFD in Chinatown

Where? 810 7th Street Northwest, Washington, DC

Pretty good beer. Actually, I thought I ordered the Abita Strawberry, but maybe she didn’t hear me correctly or this was what they had. Anyway, RFD is the sister bar of Brickskeller near Dupont. They have an extensive list of beers, tap-drafts-bottle, and so forth. Decent.

I also got the spicy calamari. oh em gee. This dish was seriously spicy. It was good, but the I couldn’t handle the marina a 1/3 way through. I almost felt like I could breathe fire! Wow. Still, I liked it.

So, RFD- not just a 100 beers, but good food.

Radius- NY Pizza?

Radius in Mt. Pleasant, DC

I actually don’t remember if I’ve ever had pizza in NYC. It’s not usually on my top 10 list of things to eat when I visit. Shocked? So am I a little… because I always hear how great NY pizza is and that’s how real pizza should taste like. Don’t get me started on what real pizza is… all I have to say is “ITALY”.

Anyway, before hitting up the awesome play Beauty of the Father at the cozy theater, GALA in Columbia Heights, I met up with friends at Radius Restaurant. It’s a cozy hole-in-the-wall place on the second floor of a small building. They already ordered a plate of really good mussels and the $5 happy hour deal of a plain cheese pizza and beer. I opted for the Rodenbach ($7), Belgian beer, and cheese pizza.

The Rodenbach was a dark beer but wasn’t heavy at all. It was actually kind of light and really tasty. Sorry, I’m not a beer connoisseur and my adjectives are limited. The pizza was REALLY good. It was thin crust, not too much sauce, not too much cheese, and the right amount of herbs. And, obviously from the picture below, the mussels were pretty good as well. Just couldn’t catch the picture in time! It was that good….

*Note: The waitress we had was not the best. She forgot our bread, twice. She didn’t bring me water when I arrived late. She didn’t refill. She wasn’t very nice or responsive. Yeaaah, things like that kind of matter. It’s part of the restaurant experience, but for this place, the food stood out…. so I would go back.