Food coma 

Again it’s been two years… No, 3 years since my last post. I’ve been in a food coma for 3 years. Going out, enjoying new restaurants, eating and drinking like a glutton– it’s been great! Yummy in the tummy but too much on the thighs and not enough in the bank. 

jose andres

best ceviche in town

 I’m trying to slow down and demonstrate some restraint by cooking at home, eating out almost never, take lunch to work, stop buying coffee, and anything else I can think of. I’m now a subscriber to monthly wine c/o wineawesomeness and weekly meals thanks to Blue Apron. So far I love both and hope this will significantly cut down my spending on eating out!

blue apron

blue apron meal 1

I hope this also motivates me to cook more. Although I enjoy cooking, I do not enjoy my small kitchen and cleaning up so much after. 



Matchbox (DC & Rockville)

This post is extremely late. Oh well.

Among chains in this area, I do believe Matchbox is one of the better ones, especially for pizza. They should watch out though, because Pi pizzeria has moved in and their pizza is pretty damn good.

Below are drinks Shek and I had while waiting for our pizzas in the Rockville location. Do not get cocktails because they are overpriced for the combination of alcohol splash and juice/water Matchbox gives you. Definitely stick to the beer!

We got a bacon cheeseburger with onion rings and the fixings. I love how they add herbs and parmesan to their ginormous onion rings. Very good. On the right is a Spicy Meatball Pizza… soooooooo yummy– one of my fave pizzas there.

On the next outing, Rockville again, we met up with friends and ordered the crab avocado appetizer. I first tried this app in DC at the Chinatown location. The picture above is much different from the first one I tried. In Chinatown they presented it as a salad with crab cakes and avocado sitting on a bed of greens. This was good, just a little more fancy. The pizzas were a combination of prosciutto, arugula, herbs, cheese…. pretty good, but meatball is still my favorite. And for dessert? A type of banana chocolate bread pudding, REALLY SWEET. Not sure if I would order it again.

So yes, Matchbox is a good chain, with expensive and weak cocktails, but good wood fired pizzas. 🙂

Merzi + Frosting


Brand-spankin’ new fast food Indian place on 7th Street going from Penn Quarter into Chinatown in downtown D.C. I’ve passed by this place a few times and finally had the opportunity to try it out.

I got Chaat (“An aromatic blend of sweet onions, peppers, corn, tomatoes, cool cucumbers, and garbanzo beans, topped with a probiotic yogurt, Merzi’s tangy tamarind date chutney, and finished with a smattering of crunchy sev”) with Vegetarian (no meat), with a medium sauce and medium/mild chutneys. I also got a Potato Tikka (“Deliciously flavorful and spiced Indian cheese (paneer) crumbled and seasoned with spices rolled into a crunchy potato patty. Also perfect on top of a chaat, rice bowl, or just on the side.”)

I enjoyed the Potato Tikka more than anything else. The Chaat itself was decent but not like what I’ve had in Jackson Heights of Queens, New York. Now THAT is real chaat and at half the price. This was okay, but I was so hungry, and there was such a mix of sauces, that I wasn’t sure what I was eating.

Friend got the same kind of chaat but with CHICKEN. I think she enjoyed hers for the most part, but she too was not blown away by the dish itself. I guess this is what you can expect from a fast food Indian place. Along with the interior decor, and fast food order/pick-up/pay line, it reminded me of CHIPOTLE. I do like the fact that there’s so much variety in Chinatown. Glad there’s some Indian to add to the mix!

Can’t forget my drink… the “Mango-Fantango”, which I suspect is supposed to be their version of a mango lassi (homemade yogurt based drink). This was fail. I thought it was too sweet as they use pure sugar cane and what they claim to be fresh mangos. Well, it must be like 1 mango or something. I didn’t think it had enough flavor and it was more watery than yogurty. I like the mango lassi at Indique Heights, mmmm, but they’re a much fancier restaurant.



Do you like my photo?! I was playing with the iPhoto options 🙂 Tried to make it look a bit more vintage. These are super cute cupcakes and super yummy. As it was near St. Patty’s Day, we got the Irish Cupcake and the Raspberry Cupcake. I think they had slightly more creative and cute names, but whatever, this is what they tasted like. YUMMY! I love this bakery and their story is a cute one. It’s owned by a married couple who apparently must’ve been interviewed by an authoress who then conceived a partially fictional novel based on their love story. Interesting, isn’t it? I usually stop by Frosting at the Friendship Heights Bus Bay on my way to work.

Okay, so I don’t get a cupcake every morning… usually a chai latte or ILLY (my fave) latte or cappuccino. There, now you know my hotspots for morning pastries and coffee– Frosting Bakery and Tynan Coffee&Tea. 😀


it’s been a while…


SCUSI for being so M.I.A. 😦 With mental and emotional stress from work, school, and otherwise… I’ve been busy these past few weeks. BUT this blog is about my food adventures, which I’ve sadly skimped on for too long now. Forgive me! 🙂

Recently made an excursion to downtown for a friend’s birthday. Oh, how I miss the lunch specials at Oyamel (Jose Andres, genius chef behind this fantastic restaurant– also creator of Cafe Atlantico, Zaytinya, Jaleo, and Minibar, GENIUS!). Check it out:

Jarritos Grapefruit soda, mmmmm, $3!

Lunch Special 1: Ham and Cheese Quesadilla with black beans, guacamole, tomatilla sauce, etc. ~$10. For a Mexican tapas restaurant, this was a nice full entree size lunch dish, and at a good price. The table also gets yummy chips and salsa. I had a small bite, and though I enjoyed it, I’m glad I got my shrimp sandwich because the ham/cheese combo would’ve been too much for me eventually.

Lunch Special 2: Shrimp salad with avocado, squash, red peppers, and special sauce, and side salad. I usually get the fried chicken sandwich which is AMAZING, but I wanted to try something different. I don’t usually get shrimp because sometimes I get a stomach ache depending on how the shrimp was prepared. This was delicious and zero stomach issues. The shrimp was so tangy and rich with flavor… I could’ve licked the plate clean from the yummy sauce but I contained myself.

It was definitely filling and the salad was so fresh. So far so good, Oyamel can do no wrong. I still want to try their happy hour specials, and their acqua fresca of the day… different flavored drinks made with fresh fruit depending on the day.

Did you miss me?? 🙂


Treated my artist, Sei Arimori, out to dinner @ Matchbox in Chinatown. The three of us had really good beer (i got the Chimay Belgian), incredible pizza, and good salad/appetizer. Then we went to Adams Morgan for dessert @ Tryst coffeehouse. It was a full and good night. 😀

OOPS! Almost forgot the pix from Tryst…..

Pre-Mother’s Day Brunch @ POSTE

This is right down the street from the American Art and Portrait Galleries in Chinatown. I guess it’s on the border of Penn Quarter and part of Hotel Monaco. Once you step past the gates, it’s like you’re in a totally separate and quiet getaway from the city. It was very nice.

i think their donuts were the highlight because they’re house made, fresh, and delicious…. and oops, they came out twice. 😉

‘Ritas & Abitas

Margaritas @ Guapo‘s in Tenleytown

Where? 4515 Wisconsin Avenue Northwest, WASHINGTON, DC 20016

As you can see, the frozen margaritas were very good. Besides the chip and salsa, this is the first time I’ve tried real food at Guapo’s. Pretty damn good. The chicken quesadillas were chunky and hot and very tasty.

Beers @ RFD in Chinatown

Where? 810 7th Street Northwest, Washington, DC

Pretty good beer. Actually, I thought I ordered the Abita Strawberry, but maybe she didn’t hear me correctly or this was what they had. Anyway, RFD is the sister bar of Brickskeller near Dupont. They have an extensive list of beers, tap-drafts-bottle, and so forth. Decent.

I also got the spicy calamari. oh em gee. This dish was seriously spicy. It was good, but the I couldn’t handle the marina a 1/3 way through. I almost felt like I could breathe fire! Wow. Still, I liked it.

So, RFD- not just a 100 beers, but good food.