Food coma 

Again it’s been two years… No, 3 years since my last post. I’ve been in a food coma for 3 years. Going out, enjoying new restaurants, eating and drinking like a glutton– it’s been great! Yummy in the tummy but too much on the thighs and not enough in the bank. 

jose andres

best ceviche in town

 I’m trying to slow down and demonstrate some restraint by cooking at home, eating out almost never, take lunch to work, stop buying coffee, and anything else I can think of. I’m now a subscriber to monthly wine c/o wineawesomeness and weekly meals thanks to Blue Apron. So far I love both and hope this will significantly cut down my spending on eating out!

blue apron

blue apron meal 1

I hope this also motivates me to cook more. Although I enjoy cooking, I do not enjoy my small kitchen and cleaning up so much after. 



It’s been a while…

So, it’s been over 2 years since my last post.

A food blog is supposed to be about food. Although, I may sneak in a few things about art here and there. Mi dispiace.

Let’s catch up!

2012: I enjoyed really good beer at the Flying Dog Brewery in Frederick, MD (great tours, book in advance, complimentary tasting glass, and yummy sandwich place 5 blocks away); ate some green eggs and ham (JUST KIDDING); tasted juicy burgers and great iced tea in cute mason jars in NC; discovered I can make some CRAZY good guac; got my braces removed and paid FDB another visit; had EXCELLENT AUTHENTIC DELICIOUS Korean food in Seoul and Jejudo; and so much more.

2012 food

2013: I finally made it to Birch & Barley, and soon after discovered that Churchkey would be my go-to bar; scarfed down the best HOMEMADE poptarts EVER at Ted’s Bulletin alongside ADULT milkshakes; tried gin and homemade tonic at New Heights; discovered baby mason jars; indulged in a limitless tapas brunch at Cuba Libre with my bff; quickly learned that donuts and fried chicken were meant to be made in the same place and devoured at the same time; HAD THE BEST FRESH OYSTERS EVER IN OBX; roasted 2 whole chickens Ina Garten style; among many other highlights.

2013 food

And so far this year? I have some Korean food planned for tonight. There’s cucumber kimchi marinating in the fridge along with chopped zucchini, potatoes and carrots for jjigae and pajun. Mmm, I’ll have to make some rice. So glad it’s a snow day. 🙂

Matchbox (DC & Rockville)

This post is extremely late. Oh well.

Among chains in this area, I do believe Matchbox is one of the better ones, especially for pizza. They should watch out though, because Pi pizzeria has moved in and their pizza is pretty damn good.

Below are drinks Shek and I had while waiting for our pizzas in the Rockville location. Do not get cocktails because they are overpriced for the combination of alcohol splash and juice/water Matchbox gives you. Definitely stick to the beer!

We got a bacon cheeseburger with onion rings and the fixings. I love how they add herbs and parmesan to their ginormous onion rings. Very good. On the right is a Spicy Meatball Pizza… soooooooo yummy– one of my fave pizzas there.

On the next outing, Rockville again, we met up with friends and ordered the crab avocado appetizer. I first tried this app in DC at the Chinatown location. The picture above is much different from the first one I tried. In Chinatown they presented it as a salad with crab cakes and avocado sitting on a bed of greens. This was good, just a little more fancy. The pizzas were a combination of prosciutto, arugula, herbs, cheese…. pretty good, but meatball is still my favorite. And for dessert? A type of banana chocolate bread pudding, REALLY SWEET. Not sure if I would order it again.

So yes, Matchbox is a good chain, with expensive and weak cocktails, but good wood fired pizzas. 🙂


Wagshal’s in Tenleytown, for the rich people in that part of the ‘hood. Seriously though, this isn’t your averagely priced mom and pop shop. But of course, Friendship Heights and Tenleytown aren’t your average neighborhoods. Lots of rich elderly…. mmhmmm. Anyway, this was down the street from where I used to work, and I got scolded by coworkers for never visiting before. I have to say, I was very satisfied with the results. I got the fresh fish blt. Yummy indeed.


I think I had a friend waiting on this post for a while. It took so long for me to post!

Definitely one of the good burger joints in DC. I swear there’s been a boom in DC for burger places, cupcakeries, gelaterias, and of course froyo. Where’s the bubble tea????

Anyway, I don’t frequent BGR because their burgers are kinda expensive… like $9-20 expensive, but very very good. On this visit I went with a Groupon or LivingSocial coupon, can’t remember which. It was $4 for a $8-9 regular burger. It’s good, fresh with tomato and lettuce and onion. The meat is good and they make sure they cook it right for you. OH! They also have awesome asparagus fries or regular fries sprinkled with parmesan.

I found Founding Farmers, again!

Yes… I recall doing a blog post about Founding Farmers. Just yesterday… oops. 🙂 I guess I really love this place, and so should you!

This time the arts girls and I went out for dinner. I got the Fraise Fling (strawberries, lychees, organic vodka, agave, prosecco) and my friend got a blackberry infused vodka cocktail. Both were yummy, but the blackberry one was STRONG! This ain’t no grandma’s cocktail… and funny enough, I think the name was something like that as well.

Deviled Eggs… as you can see they were pretty good because by the time I took a picture it was all gone. On the right, same story, just too good! Cornbread brought to us in a cute cast iron pan paired with some butter sitting sweetly in honey. BEST CORNBREAD EVER!

Spring Pea Ravioli, ravioli filled with spring pea mascarpone and topped off with bacon, some greens, and crusty bread. This was great except for the lack of taste from the mascarpone. I’m assuming the mascarpone was used more for consistency than anything else, and to keep the peas mushed together inside the raviolis. The sauce was great and I used the crusty garlic bread to wipe it up.. mmm…

Brunch Eastern Market Style

Eastern Market has a great flea market on weekends and farmer’s market everyday. My favorite part of visiting on a weekend is grabbing some good brunch from the Market eatery inside the East hall. We ordered a really FULL plate. Haddock, fried green tomatoes, potato salad, and crab cakes…

Shek opted for the fries and bbq pulled pork sandwich which was alright. Your best bet is to order their crab cakes, fried green tomatoes, and fries. Also, the ladies are SUPER friendly at the register. They’re always smiling and having a good ol’ time 🙂