I haven’t written in this blog in ages. I’m wondering if I should start back up again. Hmm?


Taste of Seoul 

Missing my family: all the love and all that food!

   Forgot I drafted this post. What can I say? Drool over the photos- Korean savory pancakes, fresh delicious fruit and amazing strawberries, and all the banchan! 

Food coma 

Again it’s been two years… No, 3 years since my last post. I’ve been in a food coma for 3 years. Going out, enjoying new restaurants, eating and drinking like a glutton– it’s been great! Yummy in the tummy but too much on the thighs and not enough in the bank. 

jose andres

best ceviche in town

 I’m trying to slow down and demonstrate some restraint by cooking at home, eating out almost never, take lunch to work, stop buying coffee, and anything else I can think of. I’m now a subscriber to monthly wine c/o wineawesomeness and weekly meals thanks to Blue Apron. So far I love both and hope this will significantly cut down my spending on eating out!

blue apron

blue apron meal 1

I hope this also motivates me to cook more. Although I enjoy cooking, I do not enjoy my small kitchen and cleaning up so much after. 


2011 in review by WordPress

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 3,800 times in 2011. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 3 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

This was a pretty thorough and good report. It’s convinced me to stay on and continue my blog. So, consider this my first entry for 2012 (wow)! Thanks WordPress. And hope everyone will look forward to more great foodie posts with me 🙂


A {Food} Prelude

It’s been a while.

I have a list of excuses, which I won’t discuss into detail, because really, who has the time? But here it is in one breath: it’sbeenaroughlatterhalfoftheyearbcofthesisandgraduatingwithoutagraduationandfacingunemploymentliketherestoftheUSandjobhuntingforalmost6monthsandfindingaplacetoliveinDCwhileshufflingbackandforthbetweenhereandthereandfiguringoutwhatitisineedtodo…

Yup. So, there ya have it. What now? Take it day by day. This is what I’m going to do.

Starting tomorrow until Friday, I’m going to post like crazy on my previous foodie outtings and give the best food porn I got on this website. Prepare yourself or pace yourself, whatever, but either way, enjoy.

After, I’m going to enjoy not feeling guilty about not posting so many food pix, and decide if the site is worth keeping in 2012. We shall see.


Food Frenzy

2 months. It has been TWO WHOLE MONTHS since my last post.

I initially started this blog as a stress reliever and something for fun. For me. For friends. For whoever interested in the indulgence of food porn. I feel terrible that I failed to keep my blog updated this summer. When it really came down to the wire, I ended up shutting out most of life’s pleasures in order to finish and present my “thesis” for my MA in Arts Management. And did I succeed? Yes. Indeed, I am a graduated woman, again. AND, once again, I am job hunting. A friend recently suggested I combine my love for food and art into a savvy business. But I haven’t come up with a great and viable idea yet. Until then, I’ll just continue with the food blog and restaurant reviews. 🙂

Nothing wrong with that, eh?

So, since my last post about food trucks and sweets, did I stop going out to eat and cooking at home? NO WAY. I have been on a food frenzy, ESPECIALLY at home. Please do brace yourselves for some awesome food porn… from restaurants, cheap eateries, to some good ol’ home cookin’. 

This was just an update and teaser. Here’s a photo or two to hold you over until I REALLY give a food induced porn post:

A Dwarf in Chelsea

Oh dear sweet and not-so-cute Cafe Grumpy in Chelsea.

I’m feeling a little put out. I went into your coffee shop hearing about the wonderful coffee you make, and knowingly ventured into your “NO WIFI” zone. I did not believe that included a laptop free zone. Nowhere on your Chelsea site does it list “laptops not allowed” and does it really say anywhere in your cafe? (To counter this, no where does it suggest one uses their laptop, but they do suggest you to meet with friends, read the paper, or puppy/people watch on their benches…. ) I don’t know because I immediately left after being told by your hippy/punky barista oh so kindly that laptops were not allowed, but it’d be okay for me to finish typing out my sentence. THANKS.

I’m not mad, I’m just thinking your shop is not as cute as I had assumed. Sure, this iced latte I ordered was delicious. Sure, the barista who took my order was nice and kind enough to suggest it while I was obviously holding my laptop in it’s INCASE case but….

  1. You could’ve told me before I ordered my coffee that you do not allow laptops.
  2. I understand you pride yourselves on a beautiful selection of coffee and personal connections over the handmade low counter, but it’d be nice if I could do some work (no internet needed).
  3. Yeah, this rule is probably to make it more about the art of coffee than anything else, but gosh darn, it’s right across from my apartment and I thought it’d be a perfect spot.

Sigh, guess not. Needless to say, I don’t think I’ll be visiting…. ever. BUT, if you really enjoy coffee and enjoy carrying deep and thoughtful conversations or discussing sewing methods(as one table was doing), then go for it . This coffee shop is for you.

My iced latte really is delicious, no sarcasm.

With <3,