It’s been a while…

So, it’s been over 2 years since my last post.

A food blog is supposed to be about food. Although, I may sneak in a few things about art here and there. Mi dispiace.

Let’s catch up!

2012: I enjoyed really good beer at the Flying Dog Brewery in Frederick, MD (great tours, book in advance, complimentary tasting glass, and yummy sandwich place 5 blocks away); ate some green eggs and ham (JUST KIDDING); tasted juicy burgers and great iced tea in cute mason jars in NC; discovered I can make some CRAZY good guac; got my braces removed and paid FDB another visit; had EXCELLENT AUTHENTIC DELICIOUS Korean food in Seoul and Jejudo; and so much more.

2012 food

2013: I finally made it to Birch & Barley, and soon after discovered that Churchkey would be my go-to bar; scarfed down the best HOMEMADE poptarts EVER at Ted’s Bulletin alongside ADULT milkshakes; tried gin and homemade tonic at New Heights; discovered baby mason jars; indulged in a limitless tapas brunch at Cuba Libre with my bff; quickly learned that donuts and fried chicken were meant to be made in the same place and devoured at the same time; HAD THE BEST FRESH OYSTERS EVER IN OBX; roasted 2 whole chickens Ina Garten style; among many other highlights.

2013 food

And so far this year? I have some Korean food planned for tonight. There’s cucumber kimchi marinating in the fridge along with chopped zucchini, potatoes and carrots for jjigae and pajun. Mmm, I’ll have to make some rice. So glad it’s a snow day. 🙂


The Fearrington Granary

Fear, you say? No, it’s more like “fare”. Take a look: The Fearrington Granary.

They sure love their belted cows. Don’t know what a belted cow is or looks like? Again, take a look here: BELTED COWS! Lovely and cute, aren’t they? The Fearrington Granary is located in this adorable village… appropriately called the Fearrington Village. If you are EVER in North Carolina, make a pit stop in Pittsboro (hehe) and stop by this adorable village. They have pretty houses, cute cows, quaint book store with readings, and great events. My first visit was for Halloween where they got decked out with costumes, kids’ events, hot chocolate, beer garden, and carved pumpkins and turnips. Yes, you read that right…. turnips.

Probably my ALL TIME FAVORITE dish in the South. This particular Shrimps and Grits was a little more soupy than gritty. I did enjoy the scallions and andouille sausages though. My mom had the soup of the day which was a little salty, but hearty, and something else which I neglected to take a picture of and thus forgot. 😦

Remember that book store I mentioned? LOVE IT! I especially love the kids section… maybe because I’m a kid at heart? 🙂

Bzzzz Busy Bee

Another one in North Carolina, this time in downtown Raleigh. Busy Bee Cafe… bzzzzzz

Great, clean, nice place to dine. We sat upstairs. I really like exposed brick in restaurants, it’s homier I think.

I forget the name of the burger (boy, I sure do a lot of posts on burgers), but this one’s got beef patty, pepper jack cheese, and fried green tomato. Can’t say that I was in love with it, but I did love the taters. And the picture I definitely regret missing was the SMOTHERED TOTS!! Omg, have you ever had those? They’re divine… with sour cream, green onion, bacon, and cheese, aka SMOTHERED. AH HA! It was called the Tom and Jack burger. Why? I have no idea.

Isn’t this cafe super cute? I definitely will go back if I’m in downtown Raleigh again. There’s a great museum nearby, the North Carolina Museum of Art. I really feel like Raleigh is changing for the better, and people have definitely taken notice. North Carolina is attracting a lot more people than in previous years. Hooray! 🙂

Also, there was some sort of motorcycle convention going on, and I grabbed a chocolate dipped cone– not as great as I expected it to be. Sad.

Durham, my sweet home~

Sweet Potato in Winston Salem, NC. Fantastic place to pick up the best fried green tomatoes and tastiest sweet potato fries!

Above is the carolina burger with sweet potato fries and our apps, fried okra and green tomatoes.

The next time I went home, I had the bf in tow and we finally got some good ol’ carolina bbq!

The Original Q Shack is probably my favorite bbq place in North Carolina, at least in the Durham area 🙂 yum yum yum, my sister ordered half the menu…. green beans, mac and cheese, hush puppies, collard greens, fried fish, pulled pork, ribs, etc. etc. etc.

And finally, Parker and Otis, in downtown Durham. Above is the curried chicken salad sandwich and below is the grille reuben. Both were good, but absolutely loved the latter. Parker and Otis is a fantastic one stop shop for coffee, desserts, cafe food like sandwiches and salads, and shopping for the quirky or specialty or abnormal gift giving.

And one last delightful photo of my nephew and niece admiring the passing trains 🙂

Burgers & Froyo

My sister had the pleasure of introducing me to one of the best burger joints in the Triangle– Only Burger. They started out as a food truck [<3] and finally opened a brick and mortar location this year at 3710 Shannon Road in Durham, NC. GREAT place to get your fix on greasy, yummy, hearty North Carolina style burgers.

Their popular food truck. Sorry, not the best angle, but you get the idea.

Our drinks! They carry MASH soda– grapefruit, mango/blood orange, and pomegranate blueberry. MMMMMM.

Their onion rings are zamaZING! Breakfast burger has beef patty, egg, fried green tomato, and any other fixing you want.

On the left is the infamous NC Burger with beef patty, chili, and cole slaw. On the right is a detail of the breakfast burger. OMG, doesn’t it just clog your arteries looking at these pix? But it’s so goooooood……..!!!!

Next stop (which is 2-3 doors down) is Tutti Frutti for froyo. I think my sister told me they started out in Cali and have now worked their way out to the East Coast. They’re pretty good, probably not as tart as pink berry, but some people like that. They have various flavors and price by weight.

As you can see they have all sorts of toppings: kiwi, mango, mochi, lychee, m&m’s, sprinkles… you name it, they probably got it.

I can’t remember if that’s Taro in my cup, but I absolutely LOVE taro flavor. Any froyo place that carries taro is fantabulous on my list!


32 times.

Lucky 32 Southern Kitchen in Cary, North Carolina

Southern Kitchen with a Southern feel.

Farm to Fork: a list of the local businesses they use in their restaurant. Awesome.

Cornbread… with real corn. WOAH.

NEHI PEACH SODA. mm, fizzy and sweet.

The Appetizers: Whistle Bite Sliders (house-cured pork belly w/Pig & Whistle Sauce and green tomato chowchow on Anna Mae rolls); Sweet Potato Hushpuppies (with country ham cream sauce)

Hushpuppies were good, almost like they were baked and not fried. The pork in the sliders were actually quite tasty, even though it looks like it’s all fat (just mostly).

The Brunch: Blueberry Crepes with powdered sugar and hash browns; Pulled Pork Sandwich with slaw and hand-cut fries; “twice baked” creamy grits casserole with Benton’s bacon, white cheddar, and green onions, served with hashbrowns

Loved all the hash browns as I am a potato lover. The fries were good. I didn’t like the blueberry crepes as the crepe part was too chewy I think and the blueberries just weren’t good. The pulled pork was good, but I’m not a fan of the slaw. My grits casserole was VERY cheesy and salty. I loved the bacon bits and the creaminess of the grits, but would prefer less cheese.

Still, if you’re ever in Cary, NC, give it a go as they have interesting Southern items on the menu!



@home in Durham, NC.

The Table:

The Turkey: Dad decided to cut the poor bird up before I could snap a full body photo.

The Potatoes:

The Salad:

The Stuffing:

Dad makes this so gooood. Forgive the quality of the photo; steamy.

The Yams: Like beautiful toasted rolling hills…. from an RPG game (Super Mario Brothers?)

The Beans: Per sister’s request, Dad made them garlicky and spicy. YUM.

Again, the TABLE:

Are you crying? More than the food and rest, I’m glad I got to be with my whole family for the first time in 2 years. Thank You. ❤