Sabai Sabai!

Have you been to Germantown, MD? Well, when you stop by for a visit, be sure to dine at Sabai Sabai Thai. I think it’s the first Thai restaurant to open in that area and worth the trip.

Calamari– my fave appetizer at almost any restaurant. SS does it to perfection. It’s not overly battered and it’s fried to the right kind of crisp.

This was a spicy chicken noodle mix I got and I think it was too spicy for me. :/ It was okay, but I think next time I’ll stick to what I usually like… Pad Thai and Green Curry.

This was another spicy dish… similar to red curry but with duck I think. This was definitely a lot better than my dish, but I wasn’t a big fan of the duck.

I do like this restaurant, but I don’t think we picked the best dishes according to my taste. I recommend being selective and sticking to what you like 🙂