About ZiNG

I like food.


I LOVE food.

FOOD. It’s what we need. It is what i need. According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, it is one of our most basic and first necessity in life. To live, we need nourishment. But wait. There’s more.

Perusing and shopping for food, Eating good food, Cooking good food– it’s all about the conversations over good food experience with good people. It’s a time of enjoyment and a great opportunity to explore different cultures through food.

Above everything else, the most prevalent is this food blog being my stress relief, my opportunity to share my food experiences with friends, and to have some fun with food photos.

I am a full time graduate student I was a student at American University. I graduated in August 2011 with my MA in Arts Management! Yeay me 🙂 Sadly, I am currently looking for full-time employment in our weak economy.  My classmates who graduated on time in May found full time employment in September– 4 months later. Does this mean I will be employed by December? Dude, I sure hope so.
I am now thankfully employed.

I have beautiful pictures of food. I’ll always remember my visit to NY and the friends that inspired/encouraged me to start this blog. Hope it continues and hope you all…



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