Firestone in Frederick


So, my honey took me out to Firestone’s Restaurant Tavern in Frederick instead of Uncle Julio’s in Gaithersburg. What a nice and lovely surprise. It was especially nice, because it just happens to be Restaurant Week in Frederick! Check out their restaurant week menu. Well, the promotion just ended on the 13th. (Sorry, I’ve been so behind on my posts and so much is going on right now in life– most important, my pending graduation!) But, back to what’s important AT THIS MOMENT– the food.

I think he’s smiling because he chose well on the restaurant. Good job. The ambiance was pleasant and though the setting was romantic, at the same time, it was cozy and nothing stuffy about the decor or staff. Everyone was friendly and courteous.

The BAR below (as we were seated on the second floor). Nice brick building with clean white ceilings and a beautiful painting along with dozens of beers sitting on a mantle. Check out the crowd! Get what I mean by cozy?

So, we decided to indulge a little. He got the Malbec (South American red wine) and I got the Pinot Grigio (from Italy, white). I’d say we chose well considering our 2nd courses.

Before the wine and bread, we played with my free phone app, Pudding Camera. It’s a Korean photo app that my friend introduced me to. It’s pretty fun! It ranges from fisheye to panoramic to divided action shots. Fun Fun 🙂

First Courses: Prince Edward Island Mussels (Flying Dog hefeweizen–which I love– and fresh orange, topped with Grilled Baguette) and Deviled Eggs (Roasted fennel olive tapenade, caviar, brioche). The mussels were good but not as plump as the ones at Mussel Bar in Bethesda, although they are the same type of mussels. The baguette was so buttery and good. I really liked the Deviled Eggs, more because of the garnish like the tapenade and caviar. That’s where the real flavor was.

Cleansing Palate 1: Pumpkin Soup– I don’t remember what the green dots were. When these came out, my unsophisticated self did not realize the restaurant was offering cleansing palates similar to the purpose of ginger when eating sushi. Quite delicious, and absolutely just enough to cleanse your palate.

Second Courses: Sea Bass (Charred hot house cherry tomato, black eyed peas, pea shoots, lemon beurre blanc, caramelized honey) and Shrimp and Grits (Organic stone ground grits, Meyer lemon, garlic, tomato, spices, chives, buttermilk biscuit). First, ISN’T THE BUTTERMILK BISCUIT CUTE?! Teehee. I love it! It’s got its own cushiony baking dish and everything… even a mini doily! 🙂

I fully enjoyed my Sea Bass. It was so fresh but did not carry that fishy smell that fish sometimes has even after cooking. The black eyed peas, cherry tomato, and pea shoots went so well together with the caramelized honey. It was the right amount of sweetness for the fish, not that I ever imagined sweet flavors mixing with my cooked fish!

MM, the shrimp and grits? Very good, although I have to say, it can’t beat Elmo’s Diner down in Durham, North Carolina. Theirs is a special they have on occasional Sunday brunches… you should be so lucky. Anyway, this was still tasty, but the grits seemed a bit overdone and not like real grits. The shrimp was perfect though!

Cleansing Palate 2: Fruit Sorbet Pretty simple– fresh.

Third Course: Dessert:: Bread Pudding and Profiteroles. Oh goodness. Bread Pudding was great, especially topped off with ice cream and a side of whip. The Profiteroles consisted of fried bananas and sandwiched creams… like mini cream puffs. I think my favorite part were the bananas on that dish.

All in all, a cozy romantic dining spot and perfect for restaurant week. Happy night! Grazie mi caro <3.



2 thoughts on “Firestone in Frederick

  1. YUMYUM!!! I always enjoy all your food pictures and descriptions!
    So glad you and your honey had such a wonderful time together =)

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