RAISE HELL! or just go to Ray’s Hell Burger

MM TASTY! Ray’s Hell Burger in Rosslyn

This was my second trip and I got the same burger as last time: B.I.G. Poppa (Au Poivre Burger With Black Peppercorn Crust, Aged Danish Bleu Cheese, Cognac & Sherry sautéed Mushrooms, Grilled Red Onions).

Xtine got the Big Punisher (Diablo-Grilled and Brushed With Our Spicy Chipotle Marinade, Pepper Jack Cheese, Charred Jalapenos, Grilled Red Onions, Piranha Sauce-Fiery, Spicy, Green Sauce).

I guess we like our burgers BIG. Both burgers were $7.95 and WELL WORTH IT, if you cannot tell by the visuals. If only you could smell how good these were. Have they invented scratch and sniff computer screens yet? No? Aw, too bad. Actually, you’re better off… now go visit! (Need a visual on location? >>MAP<<) *There’s also an awesome PHO restaurant right next door– Pho 75. Went recently and forgot to photograph b/c I was consumed with hunger, shame on me. Next time!*

So, on this trip to Ray’s Hell, I learned that catching up with Xtine on juicy details of life was not the only enjoyable thing about dining out with good friends, but the real joy and lesson was knowing how to eat. This girl knows how to eat, especially lookin’ like she’s model thin. We split our burgers in half to share equal portions of each. We also shared SIDE DISHES. And I thought the burger would be enough. Tsk. Tsk. Here’s what we got:

They were delicious. The sweet potato fries were definitely done right. Trust me, not every restaurant knows how to cook sweet potato, but Ray definitely knows what he’s doing. Just looking at the mac & cheese can raise your cholesterol.

Also, this place is like a nice hole in the wall. Line up, know what you want, ask for it, take the number card, pick a table, stick the card at the place holder, and eagerly yet patiently wait for that awesome deliciousness.


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