Avocado+Limes= Poundcake

Munchies @ Casa Liz

My love, E*, finally dropped in for a visit. Instead of a healthy dinner, we opted for some yummy munchies from Whole Foods and homemade pound cake. We got the recipe from Edelweiss.

Have you ever seen poundcake so green? Yummy. So, I’ve tasted this type of poundcake before, but I really wanted to see the process for myself. AND I wanted an excuse to use my mini loaf ceramics (from Target, Christmas). It turned out pretty good! Well, because I did not have a zester, the lime zest was a bit chunky and chewy. Other than that, I think it was quite a success. Still, Esther and I concluded that sour cream or buttermilk would have made it softer and moist.

Hm, instead of a real dinner we munched on pita chips, salsa, naan, hummus, chicken tikka masala, salsa verde and washed it all down with Pinot Gris. Yeah, then commenced to gorge on the Cardamon+Cocoa Nib cookies she made. Man, it was like tapas on overload… but kinda sorta healthy junk?



3 thoughts on “Avocado+Limes= Poundcake

  1. I used an Edelweiss recipe for tres leches cake this past week and it turned out so well!! Wouldn’t have found her if I didn’t read your blog Liz. 🙂

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