Argentinian Dessert

After Spicy Tofu Stews in Annandale, we finished in Rockville at El Patio.

Puff Pastry with caramel cream filling; Alfajores cookie with caramel filling; sweet potato fried pastry

double shot of espresso with steamed milk aka cortado; milhojas pastry layered with caramel cream filling and topped with maraschino cherry.

I really liked this place. Apparently, it’s a family-run business. It’s rather small and intimate but very busy around lunch time. Also, their non-desserts like quiche and empanadas and full entrees with wine looked and smelled amazing. If only it was closer to me!! I really enjoyed the desserts, decadent. The cortado was amazing, almost better than illy (my favorite), almost. I’d say 4 out of 5 because the waitress was kind of annoying and space is constricting. I swear, she asked if we were okay every 10 minutes without fail. Thanks for interrupting our conversation. Maybe I need some more of that cortado…


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